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Foster Care

Several times a year, the forecast calls for kittens, lots of kittens! Can you offer a temporary, safe and comfortable space for rescued kittens? All you need to do is provide a roof over their heads, keep their bellies full, report any medical problems and give them lots of love. You will be saving them from becoming future feral felines by socializing them to become loving and fun members of their forever families.

Do you have a little space in your house as well as your heart!  Often, adult stray cats need temporary homes to recover from being abused or abandoned by their owners and the trauma of living on the streets.  They need to get well or regain trust in humans before they can permanently be rehomed as pets. When ready, these cats are placed for adoption with the animal rescue partners that we collaborate with.

If not for foster volunteers, most cats end up back on the streets.

Types of Fosters

Kittens and Pregnant Moms
Kitten season maintains a huge necessity for fosters willing to work with pregnant moms and their babies throughout the birthing and nursing process. Kitten and pregnant mom fosters have variable time-frames for commitment, ranging from 4 pounds or four months. When you put your heart and soul into a kitten, get it past the critical stages, and help it become social and adoptable – you really feel the reward of parenthood. 

Many prospective fosters get excited when they hear the word “kittens,” but adult cats need foster homes too – and they can be just as rewarding! Whatever the circumstances (stray dumped in the streets, medical cases, special needs, rehabilitation, etc.) many adult kitties need a comfy, safe place to play and rest until they find their forever home. 

Feral Socialization
It takes a very special human with lots of patience to become a feral foster. Ferals that cannot be released back to the streets for medical reasons, or ferals that are on the cusp of being adoptable, need loving fosters that understand it might take some time for them to adjust to interactions with humans.

Barn Cats and Working Cats
Feral cats are typically returned to the location they were trapped after being fully vetted and fixed. In circumstances where these ferals cannot be returned to an unsafe environment, these non-adoptable cats can be re-homed to safer barn or outdoor “working” environments.

CCA Foster Application

If you are Interested in becoming a Foster Care volunteer, select the "CCA Foster Application" link and follow the steps to fill out and submit the application.  If you have any additional questions regarding this position or anything else, please reach out to us at